They say behind every great idea or product…there was first a problem that needed to be solved. This is how HoldMe™  Magentic Phone Holder got started. It solved a problem I had…realizing soon enough others wanted my solution as well.

I had bought my first car and was extremely happy with my purchase. Everything went well and as a business owner I went on frequent business meetings out to meet prospective clients. In addition to this, I frequently went away weekends as well. I had to use my phone as a GPS system and at the same time answer calls while driving. Herein lay my problem. Every time while driving, I had to navigate between looking at my phone in my hand and concentrating on the road at the same time. Which you can imagine is quite a safety risk.


I decided to look for a product that could assist me. But after months of searching in stores and looking online I found nothing of the quality I was looking for.  Frustrated by this, I decided that if I encountered this problem many other people were too. I decided to develop a product to the specifications I required and approached a manufacturer to design it for me. It was then that HoldMe™  Magnetic Phone Holder was born.  After months of designing, testing and manufacturing the HoldMe™ magnetic phone holder, I was more than happy with the results. It helped solve a major problem I had. I knew then and there that I wanted this product to help others as well.

My Realisation

Now whenever I drive I just stick my phone onto my HoldMe™ device and can conveniently answer calls hands-free while driving or use my GPS without worrying about being distracted and losing concentration on the road. Heck, It even makes audio and video media streaming and internet browsing a breeze It`s 360 degree mechanism helps me to turn and have my device facing any side I wish.

After a while, I  began to realize that not many people had the air vent that HoldMe™ could slot into and so I designed a stick on version for the broader market that could easily be placed in your car, office or home.

The Benefits

Safety wise it`s also been of huge benefit. When confronted by a dangerous situation on the road or robots, my phone is only one second away and can easily be removed without a moment’s hesitation. It even has the added benefit of me not worrying about searching for my phone in the event of misplacement. It’s now become such a habit that I just hover my device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks securely in place and when getting out I simply remove my device easily as well.

It’s compact and small nature helps in that it’s convenient and not big in your face. The ultra strong magnetic power means that the hold on my device won`t easily detach when making turns. It`s almost like an accessory that suits the interior of your car. I can even use it as a stand for my phone at home when watching a video without the hassle of holding my device it in my hand.

What I want you to know

The benefits of HoldMe™ are enormous and I`m sure you`d agree that buying this hands-free product would not only save you many frustrations but time as well. Time to do the special things in life, like enjoying your drive or listening to your daughter or son over the phone, without you shifting your focus and concentration.

Although there are many decisions to make when choosing a car phone holder, the easiest decision of all is to choose HoldMe™ at the start.. As our slogan states:  One second. One touch. One hand. Just choose HoldMe™.

Although there are many decisions to make when choosing a car phone holder, the easiest decision of all is to choose HoldMe™ at the start.

Choose Holdme™ from the start

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