Just hover your device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks securely in place. Stylish. Elegant and Easy.


A very strong and secure phone holder

Love it!! It comes with 2 magnetic plates that you adhere to your phone. Easy to install and very secure. Easily attaches to all my vehicles different vents. The car mount is small enough it does not disrupt the view of my dashboard. Magnets are strong and fit just as described. My household has used them with iPhones and Samsung products with no problems.The magnet in the mount is strong, it bumps, knock it, whatever, does not fall off .Works great and even allows airflow through the vent. We are actually going to buy another set of these to ensure we have enough to go around. Highly recommend!


Really nice car mount. Easy to install an easy to use.

Really nice car mount.  No complaints.

Installation is literally less than a minute. I put the sticky metallic plate (the box came with two metal disks) in my phone case and put the mount into my vent. Done.

It’s fairly stable as far as car mounts go and easy to rotate and position the phone.



Makes Driving So Much Easier!


It is Very Strong….I am happy:

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Good Quality for It’s Price:


Small Space Saver!


Absolutely Speechless.


Best Mount on The Market!


Waited for it 5 days, but the best holder of which I ordered!


A great holder for the phone. firmly holding the phone. easy to install in the car.


Bought it for my husband. He loves it!

Presentation & Packaging
This car mount was very well protected in a insert inside a box. However, I strongly suggest you consider redesigning the box. Inside the box were also magnetic pads, clear pads and instructions.

Car mount
I’m really impressed with this car mount. The magnet on it is very strong and I actually didn’t need to use any magnetic discs with my phone as it was holding it very securely without.

The mount simply pushes on to your air vent in the car and sits very very firmly as it is a rubber fitting which you have to push on quite firmly and therefore it holds very well. You need to position your car vent to which ever side you want it to blow air before putting the mount on otherwise you won’t be able to move it without firstly removing the comment again (it will adjust but only up to the car mount).

I really like the size of this as it is small and unobtrusive. It is a nice polished black plastic so blends in really well. I am quite happy to leave mine in position all the time so it’s there if I need to use it.

This is a very useful item which is great to leave in your car all the time as it looks nice and blends in with the car interior. The magnet is strong and holds my large phone very securely. Highly recommended.

One of the best purchase I have ever made. Seriously. I have an iPhone 6-Plus, and using both magnets (included in the shipment) between the case & the phone, it attaches onto the mount very firmly. The mount also attaches firmly into my air vent (2006 Nissan). No jiggling or slipping. I can touch, swipe, etc on my phone screen without any risk of the phone falling or sliding. Great product!

BETTER than expected. Great product.

Really attractive surface mount magnet stand. I was unsure whether the joint would be stiff enough to hold a larger phone, but mounted to a vertical surface, holding my OnePlus 3T, the joint is more than secure enough to support it without moving. inclusion of surface cleaning wipes for pre-installation is a nice touch. In my opinion, the best option for magnetic surface phone mount, especially by appearance. Included picture shows mine mounted to the right of my HVAC controls in my 2008 Toyota 4runner. It came in great shape .. easy to use and very strong magnet . I’m very happy with my purchase!


Best phone holder I have ever used! I have used phone holders since they first came out and this one is the best!

Exactly what I was looking for. Both kids can see it from the back seat. No more fighting over who holds the phone. With the Bluetooth speakers they get a movie with surround sound. In reach for me if I need it. Magnet is super strong and looks amazing and sleek and blends right in with the car dash. Holds perfectly. Love how thin the metal plate is on the phone, super thin and adds virtually no bulk. Also the plate comes with a protective sticker to put on your phone first so that it doesn’t scratch your phone or leave residue from the adhesive. Love this product! Couldn’t be happier! Will order for all my cars and phones!


This works better than OK w/my huge iPhone 6s Plus & in my Prius.

I soooo wasn’t sure I wanted to get one of these mounts. I tried a bunch of different holders/mounts for my car and none seemed to work with my iphone 6s plus. I also drive a Prius so finding a mount that fit on my dash wasn’t working. The magnets are what really worried me about these and if they messed with the phone itself. After talking to someone who has used these sorts of mounts with zero issues (and I just broke the other mount I bought) I thought I would give it a try. And IT WORKS!!! And not just soso it works GREAT!! I didn’t even attach the magnet (I have a clear case and just slid it in the case) and it did great. Made 2 trips that are 200 km round trip this last week. Used it the whole time and was using the Google Maps app the whole time. No issues and it stayed perfectly in place. I am more than impressed. Thanks and I will be buying one now for my hubby!!


Great customer service.  I have even got a personalized note from their CEO. And it came in so quickly! They shipped within an hour and I got same day delivery ( I was in the Cape Town area). The holdme car phone holder allows my phone to not only placed with any angle but to work smoothly as well. Buy this product with confidence! It’s  good quality, and not too expensive. There are so many garbage mount out there and trust me, these are not them. Overall, I would highly recommend this car phone mount. It’s an essential phone accessory! The quality seems better than other phone holder i have bought because it’s more tough and suitable for rough use. It even rotates 360 degrees.


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Better Design

The sleek cradle-free design works perfectly with larger devices and allows you to position your screen for optimal viewing.

Strong Bond, No Residue

HoldMe™ use automotive grade 3M® adhesive so they will always hold strong but can also be easily removed if the time comes, leaving no marks.

Works with Any Device

HoldMe™ is a versatile magnetic holder for cellphones, smartphones, tablets, GPS units, and more.

Powerful Magnets

Powerful rare-earth magnets hold your device securely in place even on the bumpiest roads.

Safe For Smartphones & Tablets

The high powered neodymium magnets are 100% safe and will not damage your device.

Works at Any Angle

Allows for countless viewing angles and full access to control and ports.

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